The Ring.

Ever have one if those days where you are surprised that you made it home without forgetting your head? Yesterday was that day for me. My morning had started out with me frantically turning our house upside down to find my wedding rings. The day before my husband and I had gone to our favorite Mexican food place down by the beach. When we parked in the parking lot I took off my rings and placed them carefully in my pocket so not to get sunblock all over them while I lathered up my baby. However, when I got home late that night I put my hand in my short pocket only to find lint. No rings. My heart sunk. I prayed that they had just fallen out when I took them off in our house. But after hours of searching in our car and home, nothing. I quickly called all the nearby stores to where we parked. Although, each person met me with sympathy for losing such a precious item; no one had it. I packed up Tennessee and drove to the parking lot. I pulled her out of the car and began to meticulously search the parking lot. I must have looked past the place we had parked ten times; the last time I noticed something shiny. My heart jumped! It was my wedding band! Praise the Lamb! Now if only I could find my engagement ring. After another 20 minutes of looking, nothing. I left feeling happy and sad. 


I decided to stop at my local grocery store to replenish our fridge. Hopefully a little shopping would get my mind off of the fact I just lost my most valuable and sentimental item. I paid the cashier, had my wallet in my hand and walked out to my car. I put the baby in the car seat and then put all the bags in the trunk. I then began to look for my wallet that was just in my hands I swear! But nope, it had vanished into thin air. The store didn't have it and I couldn't remember where I put it from the time I left the store to the time I got to the car.

I got into my car and began to cry. I had heard about all the hormones that causes "mom" brain, that mixed with a lack of sleep. But I was very determined that I would not let my hormones run my very well balanced mind... too late. Even tho it's such a common thing, I couldn't help but get mad and frustrated with the fact that I was so careless. But regardless of how horrible I felt, I did the opposite. I turned on my worship mix and began singing. My good friend, Jenny Ah Chong's song came on in my shuffle: "Your Love Is Enough"

If you have never heard that song, you are missing out. The lyrics of the Chorus go something like this: 'Your love is enough, enough for me. It's all I need.' And well the rest of it is even more perfect. I began to think how I try really hard to be a good mom and a good wife. Losing my ring made me feel like a bad wife. I thought Rob would be furious at me for losing it ( he wasn't), I thought he would think that I didn't care about him because I couldn't keep track of my ring. Was my love enough for him?

When I told him about my wallet and my ring, he looked at me and said, "Well, your still married to me." Then he grabbed me and gave me a hug that let me know his love for me wasn't based on my performance. Then it hit me.

How many times do we freak out or perform for the love of God? We think by one mistake it will change his love for us. And yet it's not true, although I sing that song Your Love Is Enough For Me, God can sing that right back to us. Our love for him is enough, its all he needs. Just like the parable of the woman who loses her coin and searches the whole house to find it, then parties once she finds it (Luke 15:8). I could relate to that woman today. I know the joy I felt when I found my wedding band. God rejoices over just finding us and loving us. No works needed.  

So today, I look at my wedding band in a whole new light. It's missing the sparkly solitaire, but it's ok, because Love is enough for me.