A Woman President.

Ok, so I realize this may be a very controversial issue, but honestly I don't care. If you're reading my blog you're at the risk of reading my opinions. Ok with that forewarning here I go.


So the next presidential election is upon us. And we are hearing buzz of who is running. Among the buzz is Hilary Clinton. A Democrat and a woman. We made American history a few elections ago with electing our first African-American president. Now whether you are pro-Obama or not, you can't deny the fact that we as Americans are finally realizing the equality of all. Even tho I didn't vote for him, I couldn't help but get teary-eyed at his inauguration; it was a great day for the minority community. A day that we realized any race could really do anything; even become the president. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of a lot of Obama's policies, but I am a fan of seeing someone other then a white man running our country. I feel the same about Hilary.

Again this is not a blog to persuade you to vote for her if she does choose to run. There are quite a few policies I definitely don't agree with. And I may not even vote for her. But for a second here just put your political party aside, put your political agenda aside and hear me out. I am a mother of a little girl. A little girl who I hope one day never has to experience the prejudices of people saying she can't or cannot fulfill a dream of hers, because she is a female. A little girl who may want to be president, I want her to believe that she could be the President. I want her to pursue her dream whatever it may be. 

It was only not too long ago that our country disregarded women's intellect and did not deem them worthy to have a voice in who led our country.  And all though we've come a long way from giving women the right to vote, we still have a long way to go to really see them as equal partners to men, especially in the church. I am not here to bash on men, I love men. My husband is one of them ;) .  Without men we would be incomplete, as they would be incomplete without us. We need each other. And yes, men and women have different strengths and weaknesses, but that doesn't mean that women can't be good leaders too. In fact, they make great leaders! Perfect? Of course not, but then again, can you think of a past President that lead with perfection his entire time in office. No. Well, that's because people are imperfect. It has nothing to do with whether it is a man or a woman in office; they will accomplish great things and they will make mistakes. 

So why am I ranting about all of this? Well, because I am tired of women being told they can't lead. More specifically inside the Church. Even if it's not said outright, there is an underlying "knowing" that a woman is never to be the "head" Pastor of a church. I find that funny that those who think that, may not see a problem with a woman being a CEO of a company or even being a manager of a company. And yet, they would have a problem with a woman being a pastor or even a president. Why is that?

This isn't just the men's fault. All too often there are many of us women who actually believe that. We believe we couldn't lead as well as a man. Why? Because we are more emotional? Because we aren't as "strong" as a man? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you have had a baby, you know you are one hell of a strong woman. You know that you have endured pain and managed it more then you thought you ever could. You know that you have had to control your emotions to make a logical decision in raising your child and strengthening your marriage. You know that you can multi-task like no other and still keep your cool under high pressure stresses. And sure you may need your chocolate and wine every once and while, but you know come that 2am feeding call or that carpool from hell you are ready to take it on guns a-blazing! So why do we degrade ourselves to not being "leader" material? You lead your household every single day, 24hrs a day, no breaks. Why couldn't you lead a country?

Future President?

Obviously this goes a lot deeper then what I have room to type here, but heres my starting point: Let's (men and women) stop thinking that leader roles are only meant for the male gender. Let's empower the future generations of women to dream without limits. Let's empower the future generation of men to support and honor women as who God made them to be. Let's really believe that men and women deserve equal respect and opportunities. Quite honestly, let's see a woman become president. Again, not saying you should vote for Hilary, personally I disagree with too many of her policies. But maybe you need to run for office. Maybe we should give ourselves more options. There are a lot of really great politicians that are women, I pray one day the right woman can take that seat in the Oval office and prove to our little girls they really can become anything.