Christmas 2016 in Nashville

This was our first Christmas in Nashville. It was everything I had hoped. Since we moved here, we have been enjoying the cold weather and rain. Coming from San Diego, CA, cold, rain and snow are something we don't experience often. So even though the natives here don't see it as anything special, Rob and I have been stopping to admire the frost, rain and cold weather every chance we get. 

However, this year on Christmas day it was a warm 75 degrees. So the cute Christmas sweater dresses I bought for the girls were replaced by tank tops and tutus. They didn't seem to mind.

This year for Christmas we had a great time creating special traditions for just our little family. It was the first year that the girls were actually aware and very involved. This was great because Santa was now very much anticipated. And boy did he deliver! All the girls kept asking for was Trolls; everything Trolls. Due to the high cost of a 4 inch troll doll, I wasn't sure if Santa was going to be able to deliver. Then on Christmas Eve a miracle happened! I had to make a last minute run to Walgreens, and lo and behold they had giant stuffed Troll dolls for only $20! It was a steal! On Christmas morning the girls were ecstatic!  


In addition to all their other amazing gifts, my husband spent 4 hrs on Christmas eve building their brand new kitchen! The pictures don't tell you how many pieces and how long assembly is going to take. However, all of his pain and frustration paid off big as the girls fell in love immediately. 

It was a very special day. Although, we missed our family and friends in So Cal. We couldn't have been more blessed by enjoying these moments with our girls. After the Christmas festivites, we were able to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. It is such a blessing to live in a home that has a yard and enough space for the girls to explore. 

Here are some photos that we were able to snag. This Holiday season I am so grateful for my little family and this incredible adventure that we are on. Praying your Holiday Season is filled with joy and lots and lots of love!