Unicorn poop and magic

This year our littlest princess turned two. One thing about Kairi is that she is very opinionated, so when I asked her what type of birthday she wanted she did not hesitate. She asked very specifically for a unicorn waffle party. I thought that would be so fun! And since we just moved to the area it was just going to be us, so I wanted to make it as special as possible for her. 

Diffuser Choker:  HippieNikkiUpcycled

Diffuser Choker: HippieNikkiUpcycled

I found some great magical recipes for waffles and grilled cheese sandwiches. Pretty much you just add food coloring and boom, magic! However, follow the links for more detailed instructions. Just be ware, once you make Unicorn Poop Grilled Cheese and Waffles, they may ask for it every day! 

All the deco is at Target. They have some great Unicorn Pieces, if you can't find it in the stores, online was still available. So even though this birthday was just a small intimate family event, it was completely magical.

Kairi, was completely in love with everything and is still talking about it. So I would say this was definitely a win! 

On Momma:  ASOS Destroy T-Shirt - $17.50  Crystal Diffuser Necklace -  HippieNikkiUpcycled

On Momma: ASOS Destroy T-Shirt - $17.50 Crystal Diffuser Necklace - HippieNikkiUpcycled