As a mother you have so many things to juggle. Life consists of one nap time to the next where you can either sleep or get stuff done. If you are like me, you usually opt to get stuff done. There are days that go by where I can forget to eat or take care of myself. However, we know that the well being of our family rests on us. Therefore we need to be sure to take care of ourself. I believe in being healthy for the sake of living a long life for your children. And teaching children to live that healthy lifestyle. 

It's not easy to always make the perfect healthy meals and sometimes chicken nuggets and pizza is the best  you can do; there is always grace for those days. But for the most part lets strive to live lives that are healthy. One way that I do this is essential oils. I do my best to keep sickness away from my kiddos, as we all know how that can disrupt our lives. Essential oils is an easy way I can help prevent sickness and uplift my spirits. I will be posting regularly about recipes, workouts and how to incorporate essential oils in this section. 

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Live Healthy & Love Freely.